Birth Certificates in Dubai, Baby Visas in Dubai, Visa for Newborn Baby in Dubai UAE
This service includes obtaining the Residency Visa for your newborn.
How it works...
1. Contact us again
2. Have the following documents ready:

Visa Application

1st step we need to apply for your baby, Emirates ID  
(parents can do this or BabySteps can offer this service)

Please note:
Parents will receive an SMS from Emirates ID Authority once the id is printed. They will inform which post office it needs to be collected. Parents need to do the collection of the id and to follow up if there is any delay with the application.

Documents required :

  • 1 Baby’s photo (eyes open and white background)
  • Original passport of baby
  • Original passport of father
  • Mother passport copy with visa page (colored copy – high resolution )
  • Baby’s Original Birth Certificates

Documents required for visa:

  • Sponsor's Original Passport (father)
  • Mother passport copy with visa page (colored copy – high resolution)
  • Baby’s passport (eye’s open and white background)
  • Typing of the Emirates ID for baby
  • Baby's Arabic and English (Attested) original birth certificate
  • baby, 2 photos (eyes open and white background)
  • Tenancy Contract registered in ElARI (
  • Both parents original Emirates ID
  • Original Marriage Certificate attested in MOFA UAE
  • Salary Certificate from the company
  • Labor Contract (Dubai Visa / Non-Free zone visa)
  • Salary Certificate (From the Free Zone Authority if you work in one)
  • We also required sponsor's IBAN No
  • 3 moths bank statement
  • Insurance card for the baby

If  the father is the owner or partner of company we need :

  • Trade license copy
  • Court agreement

We will fetch everything and will deliver afterwards…



  • For 1 Yr Visa: 1,470 + Emirates ID 370 = 1,840 Incl. VAT
  • For 2 Yrs Visa: 1,570 + Emirates ID 480 = 2,050 Incl. VAT
  • For 3 Yrs visa: 1,680 + Emirates ID 580 = 2,260 Incl. VAT

Additional cost:

  • Opening a file with Immigration, we need the Invoice to prove you have done this before. Alternatively you have to pay AED 250 Incl. VAT. 
  • Fine for late application of Visa / EID (over 120 days).

How long it will take?

It will take 5-10 working days to process and give back all the documents.


3. We will send a Company Representative to fetch everything from you and deliver it afterwards.


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